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Through Arts Award, children and young people can take an inspiring arts journey that earns them a qualification for something they enjoy doing, lets them experience the professional arts world and share their passion with friends.

Each path can take a different direction – from drawing, to photography, from painting to crochet, young people take on challenges in an art form they enjoy.


Why Arts Award?

Arts Award supports young people to develop as artists and arts leaders. Four qualifications are on offer along with an introductory level. The five levels are Arts Award Discover and  Arts Award Explore, which are designed for ages 5 plus, and Bronze, Silver and Gold Arts Award for ages 11 to 18 
At all levels, Arts Award:

develops creativity, leadership and communication skills and builds self-confidence

takes a flexible portfolio-based approach and assesses personal creative development

helps young people prepare for further education and employment by teaching them to work independently

Who is the Arts award for?

Anyone aged 18 and under can work towards an award in any area of the arts. Young people can start at any Arts Award level, or working through all five (which is recommended)

As they work towards Arts Award, young people create an arts log or portfolio by collecting evidence of what they have done and reflecting on their experiences. Young people work towards their award at Pictura studios, where they will learn new skills, make new friends as well as working independently at home. Trained Arts Award advisers at pictura studios will support young people to achieve their goals and assess their progress via their portfolio. A trained moderator then validates this assessment. 


Young people who achieve the award receive a certificate from Trinity College London. There are also 16 UCAS points attached to the highest level


students can come to pictura art school and work towards their arts award over a specified length of time, over a variety of specialisms.. to help parents, we have spread the costs out over a monthly period and can set up a direct debit so you don't have to worry about it!  All prices include materials required during lessons, certification and moderation fees!

art awards vary in length, please see below the complete costs for the course and the time frame to completion and certification. All lessons are 1.5 hours long.

To Enrol, sign up to a membership via our website for your chosen course.  We can then provide you with the amount of lessons in credits to allow you to book onto the classes you can attend. This way you don't have to pay when you cant make it!

Discover arts award - 12 lessons - 4 monthly payments £43.5

This course introduces students to all forms of art, gives them the time to experiment and find what art they enjoy, and learn lots of art they never knew about! We look at ll types of art cultures and artists, past and present! Suitable for ages 5 - 18yrs

Explore arts award - 18 lessons - 5 monthly payments £43.5

Explore allows students to delve a little deeper into the types of art that they enjoy, whilst still learning new art forms. They are taught skills to evaluate their work and make choices in their art, whilst learning about new artists and being inspired! Suitable for ages 5 - 18yrs

bronze arts award - 24 lessons - 8 monthly payments £43.5

The Bronze Arts award is available from the ages of 11+.  This is a national qualification and holds the equivalent to a D grade GCSE! Teaching students how to research their art interests, and develop their own art skills from that, this course is perfect for students who are looking to develop a career in the arts.  Suitable for ages 11 - 18yrs

silver arts award  -  42 lessons - 12 monthly payments £45  

The Silver Arts Award course takes Bronze a step further and students do work more independently to produce their own inspired art! Students must have completed the bronze arts award prior to enrolling onto the silver. Suitable for ages 16 - 18yrs

gold arts award   -  60 lessons - 18 monthly payments £45

We have arts award classes at various times throughout the week.  students can enrol at any point in the year and begin their award journey. Students must have completed Silver before enrolling onto gold. Suitable for ages 16 - 18yrs

  • Students must attend 6 week blocks consecutively to build on learning.

  • The next start date for the next course is week commencing TBD


Purchase a plan and then book onto your chosen class!

To purchase an arts award subscription:
1. Sign in or sign up
2.  to pay for the course in full, purchase a "Prepaid plan"
3.  If you wish to spread the cost over a monthly subscription instead, purchase a "membership"