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A nationally recognised qualification

arts award classes


Arts Award at pictura supports anyone aged 5 up to 18 to grow as artists and arts leaders, inspiring them to connect with and take part in the arts world through participating in arts activities, experiencing arts events, being inspired by artists and their work, leading their own projects and researching career pathways.

The flexible framework can work with any arts, cultural or media activity. It embraces all interests and abilities and is a nationally recognised qualification.

The 5 different levels can help all young people progress, from those who are having their very first arts experiences, right up to those with advanced skills.

Levels of Arts Award


Discover Arts Award

Introductory level Qualification

Arts Award Discover is an introductory level, certified by Trinity College London. Students are introduced to inspiring artists and guided through fun art projects!

Ages 5 - 18yrs

Image by Dushawn Jovic

Explore Arts Award

Entry Level 3 Qualification

The Explore Arts award challenges students to explore a variety of art and medium over a course of 3 projects, inspiring students with artists and helping them identify what they like!

Ages 5 - 18yrs

282049299_1731897427145451_5822921852595608006_n (1).jpg

Bronze Arts Award

Level 1 Qualification

Through Bronze Arts Award, young people gain a Level 1 qualification. They create an arts portfolio to record their progress over 4 projects,  collecting evidence of what they do along the way.

Ages 11-18yrs


Silver Arts Award

Level 2 Qualification

For Silver Arts Award, young people develop their arts skills and knowledge and lead an arts project to achieve a Level 2 qualification. Young people build an arts portfolio to track their experiences and show their development, creating and collecting evidence along the way.


Silver Arts Award is designed for ages 14 and above, but is open to anyone aged over 11.

Child Artist

Gold Arts Award

Level 3 Qualification

Gold Arts Award is our highest level (Equivilent to AS Levels)  through which young people gain a Level 3 qualification and build a portfolio that demonstrates their achievements as an artist and arts leader. It is a great way to evidence soft skills and leadership qualities to future employers.


Gold Arts Award is designed for ages 16 and above, but is open to anyone aged over 11.

At all levels, Arts Award:

  • Develops creativity, leadership and communication skills and builds self-confidence

  • Takes a flexible portfolio-based approach and assesses personal creative development

  • Helps young people prepare for further education and employment by teaching them to work independently

Discover arts award - 12 lessons (2 courses to complete)

The Aim of the qualification Arts Award Discover encourages learners to develop a basic understanding of a range of art forms, to commit to taking part in arts activities and to develop a basic understanding of communication.

Explore arts award - 18 lessons - £240

Explore allows students to delve a little deeper into the types of art that they enjoy, whilst still learning new art forms. They are taught skills to evaluate their work and make choices in their art, whilst learning about new artists and being inspired! Suitable for ages 5 - 18yrs

Bronze arts award - 24 lessons -£400

The Bronze Arts award is available from the ages of 11+.  This is a national qualification and holds the equivalent to a D grade GCSE! Teaching students how to research their art interests, and develop their own art skills from that, this course is perfect for students who are looking to develop a career in the arts.  Suitable for ages 11 - 18yrs

Silver arts award  -  42 lessons - £700

The Silver Arts Award course takes Bronze a step further and students do work more independently to produce their own inspired art! Students must have completed the bronze arts award prior to enrolling onto the silver. Suitable for ages 16 - 18yrs

Gold arts award   -  60 lessons - £1296.00

​Gold is the highest level of Arts Award, giving young people insight into life as an arts professional. They'll hone their existing artistic skills, acquire new ones, gain practical experience of different roles in the arts world and develop leadership expertise. Worth 16 UCAS points, it's also a great boost to university and job applications.

We have arts award classes at various times throughout the week.  students can enrol at any point in the year and begin their award journey. Students must have completed Silver before enrolling onto gold. Suitable for ages 16 - 18yrs

  • Students must attend 6 week blocks consecutively to build on learning.

  • Each 6 week block must be booked using a credit from your membership

  • If classes are missed by you, time must be made up in extra paid for classes before work can be submitted for moderation.

if you would like to spread the cost of your Arts Award payments then our membership is the best option for you - Click the button, complete your sign up and then book on to you desired class/course.


If you would prefer to purchase your arts award upfront, please click below, complete your sign up and then head over and book on to your desired course/class


In order to book on to an Arts Award class please follow the instructions below:

  1. Find the desired 6 week course you would like to attend

  2. Proceed to fill in details and continue

  3. Before you reach the payment page you will be asked if you would like this block to contribute to the arts award.

  4. If yes, please select the right arts award level and an additional cost will be added towards the cost of the qualification.

  5. If you click no you will only pay the cost of the 6 week block you have currently chosen.

N.B please note each level has its own requirements that must be completed before you can pass (i.e., number of 6 week blocks that must be attended, modules and homework that must be completed)

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