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Gold Arts Award


Gold Arts Award


Gold Level 3 (11-18yrs)

Sessions available:

Wednesday Teen Class (11-16yrs) 4.30pm

Friday Home Ed (11+yrs) 1pm

Saturdays (5-16yrs) 1pm

Terms required

42 lessons consisting of 7 x 6week terms

Class Size:

Max class 15 Students


£600 for the full course

Payment options available

How to book:
  • Please make sure you have purchased your Arts Award before booking a class

Gold Arts Award

Level 1 Qualification

Gold Arts Award is our highest level (Equivilent to AS Levels)  through which young people gain a Level 3 qualification and build a portfolio that demonstrates their achievements as an artist and arts leader. It is a great way to evidence soft skills and leadership qualities to future employers.

To achieve Gold Arts Award, learners create a portfolio, in a format of their choice, presenting evidence that they have successfully completed the two units:

Unit 1: Personal arts development

●    extending their arts practice, experiencing another art form and creating new work
●    actively exploring the arts world through placements, volunteering, training and research
●    reviewing arts events and researching artists or craftspeople and their careers
●    researching and making the case for an arts issue

Unit 2: Leadership of an arts project

●    planning a project, identifying aims and outcomes
●    organising people and resources
●    delivering the project – including a public showing – and managing its effectiveness
●    reviewing their leadership development, including collecting and evaluating feedback from participants, audience members and more

Here at Pictura studios we strongly promote the arts award as it is all about each child's individual journey through the arts. with the hard work each student puts in to their work we believe they should all be recognised and because of this we hold 2 exhibitions and award ceremony's, where students can show off their work and be recognised for all their hard work. this is held in Chester cathedral twice a year

Each term is 6 weeks long, for this course 7 of these 6 week blocks must be completed in order to successfully complete and gain your certification.

If you wish to spilt the total cost of the course, we can offer a payment plan of 12 payments of £50. Your course fee includes everything below:

  • 24 taught lessons with all materials included

  • Discover arts award start kit consisting, of the required material

  • moderation and certification fee

  • free entry for student and 1 parent to end of year exhibition and award ceremony

(Please note these payments are not per class but simply the total course cost split in to manageable payments, they can not they be refunded or exchanged if you miss any lessons. If you have not completed your total number of learning hours then extra lessons will be required at your own cost.)

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