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art school

Art Classes 6 months - 5 years

key learning and development

inspire's creative thinking

develops language and communication skills

develop self confidence and social skills

Develop gross and fine motor skills

structured fun art and developmental classes for children! Each week children and parents will sit at their easels and create art and memories whilst building on key developmental learning for their children.

at our diddi da vinci classes, we believe art skills are a essential development in young children.  during our classes, we enable you to engage in creative play with your little one - in a safe, nurturing and fun environment. We engage, encourage and inspire babies from 6 months and toddlers from 18 months through to 5 years old with our fun, age specific, structured classes that they will enjoy every time.


our classes are designed to help your little one grow, by beginning with sensory play and creating unique pieces of art, through to improving social skills and confidence with others.  we build on learning numeracy and colour recognition all whilst exploring new mediums, materials and processes.  our classes feature innovative art & crafts ideas, where your little one will discover different materials, textures and techniques every week as they explore a range of activities designed to engage little minds and fire up imaginations.

To enable children to learn and develop best, we have 4 defined age group classes to target key learning requirements, which one is best for your little one?


Banksy Babies

Ages 6months - 18 months

our banksy baby class is a free flow class that recognises the individuality of each baby and parent, allowing you both to explore and create at your own pace in your own time.  this class is jam packed with colourful creative and often messy fun, all safe for babies!

Drawing Class

Diddi da Vinci's

Ages 18 months - 2.5yrs

Children will discover through an array of materials and techniques that art is limited only by our imaginations. And our classes will help build the foundations for learning in a safe, happy and stimulating environment - all while having lots of fun!

Discover new materials

Discover new tools and techniques

Discover new language and communication skills

Painting Class

Mini Monet's

Ages 2.5yrs - 3.5yrs

at mini monet's we aim to inspire the children's own creative thinking - to create what their mind sees - which is not necessarily what an adult mind sees. It's their choice. And in Art, there is no right and wrong - only self expression.

Inspires creative thinking and problem solving

Promotes whole brain learning

Inspiring self expression and freedom of choice


turner tot's

Ages 3.5yrs - 5yrs

turner tots goals are to encourage independence in the little ones and  help to develop key skills that will ease their transition into the next stage of their early years learning.

  • Developing fine and gross motor skills

  • Developing focus and concentration

  • Developing self-confidence and social skills

 inspire you and your little one's imaginations as to the endless possibilities of Art!

Purchase a Starter kit


The starter kit includes everything your little one needs to get on their way with their art journey both in the studio and at home!

Includes a T-Shirt (Baby grow for Banksy babies), their artist beret's for class, an art carry case to transport their work home, paints, crayons and drawing pad for home with rollers too!

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