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home education art classes - from £7

Fine art classes and Arts award classes available!


classes available for 5-10yr olds and 11-18yrs. all courses are developed to introduce skills, build confidence and love art.  Classes available for fine art - or bolt on the arts award by trinity college to gain real qualifications! These art award levels are all based around your child's journey. Each week we will discover some new techniques, different media and learn about various artists.

Our list of classes are below, your arts award journey can be started in any of these classes:

Tuesday 2pm-2.30pm 5-10years

Thursday 10am-11.30 5-10years

Thursday 1pm-2.30pm 11-16years


The arts award is a nationally recognised qualification provided by the Trinity College, London.

All of our classes are drop off only, in our experience the children express themselves more freely when they aren't looking over their shoulder for parents permission, we have also found that they are more willing to make new friends, interact more and enjoy be creative. We understand that every child is different, and believe there is an artist in everyone one of us, so it is our job to encourage them to be free thinking, creative and make the most of their imagination. this in turn builds their confidence and helps them enjoy their lesson :)

if you would like to sign up or even book a one off class to see how we operate and what we do please use the button below.

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