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A Creative Afternoon at Chester Cathedral: Teen Art Class: Observational Drawing

Teen art classes chester
Observational drawing class

This past Saturday, Pictura Studios' teen class had a remarkable experience under the guidance of our talented art teacher, Kate. The group ventured out to the historic Chester Cathedral for an afternoon of observational drawing, capturing the intricate beauty and grandeur of this iconic landmark.

Setting the Scene:

The majestic Chester Cathedral, with its Gothic architecture and rich history, provided an inspiring backdrop for our young artists. The intricate stone carvings, soaring arches, and stunning stained glass windows offered endless details to observe and replicate.

The Experience:

Kate led the session, encouraging the teens to take in the environment and find unique perspectives to draw from. Armed with sketchbooks, pencils and charcol the students spread out across the cathedral grounds, each finding their spot of inspiration.

Focus on Detail:

The session emphasised the importance of observing fine details and translating them onto paper. From the delicate patterns of the stained glass to the detailed stonework of the pillars, each student had the opportunity to challenge their skills and enhance their observational drawing techniques.

Student Highlights:

Several students expressed how the experience deepened their appreciation for architectural art. "Drawing the cathedral's details was both challenging and rewarding. It made me see the structure in a whole new light," shared one enthusiastic participant.

Reflection and Feedback:

At the end of the session, the group gathered to share their work and reflect on the experience. Kate provided constructive feedback, highlighting each student's strengths and offering tips for improvement. The collaborative environment fostered a sense of community and mutual appreciation among the young artists.

Looking Forward:

This field trip to Chester Cathedral was not only an educational experience but also a memorable adventure that enriched the students' artistic journey. We look forward to many more such excursions that combine learning with the beauty of our local surroundings.

For more updates on our classes and events, stay tuned to our newsletter and visit our website at Pictura Studios.

Stay creative and keep exploring the beauty around you!

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