STRETCHED CANVAS 18mm x 10x12" 254 x 305mm

Blue Acorn Canvas Rolls & Stretched Canvases are of artist's quality and the canvas used is medium grain, 100% cotton and 10oz.
The 1.8cm Stretched Canvases are hand built with 17 x 37mm, kiln dried stretcher frames and then covered with 10oz canvas that has been triple primed with an 'acid free' acrylic primer that provides an excellent surface to paint on to. Due to the high quality primer used, artists can expect mimimal colour shift and a good adhesion to the canvas. Chemical binders and fillers are not used as these tend to allow the paint to sink into the canvas and a change in the colours. The canvas is archival quality and suitable for oil and acrylic paint. They are back stapled with folded uncut corners.


STRETCHED CANVAS 18mm x 10x12" 254 x 305mm

SKU: 07N21012

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