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Sat, 15 Jun



Summer Landscapes Creative course 6-10yrs

Every Saturday morning, dive into a world of creativity this summer with our specially designed 6-week art course for young artists aged 6-10yrs

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Summer Landscapes Creative course 6-10yrs
Summer Landscapes Creative course 6-10yrs

Time & Location

15 Jun 2024, 10:30 – 12:00

Chester, 5 Eastgate St, Chester CH1 1LQ, UK

About the event

6-Week Summer Art Exploration Course for Kids (Ages 6-10)

Dive into a world of creativity this summer with our specially designed 6-week art course for young artists aged 6-10. Each week, students will embark on a new adventure, exploring different aspects of art, from fantasy landscape sketching to mastering colour theory with paints and pastels. Our course is crafted to inspire imagination, encourage creativity, and teach valuable art techniques in a fun, engaging environment. Here's what your child will experience each week:

Week 1: Fantasy Landscape Sketching

Unleash Imagination: Kids begin their artistic journey by sketching fantastical landscapes that leap straight out of their imagination. Floating islands, magical forests, and cities in the clouds are just the beginning. Through story-driven art, students will not only draw but also create tales about their mystical worlds.

Week 2: Summer Landscape Art and Perspective

See the World Differently: This week focuses on introducing the basics of perspective to create depth and dimension. Simple explanations of horizon lines and vanishing points will guide students as they draw mountains and roads, learning about foreground, middleground, and background.

Week 3: Imaginary Worlds in Clay

Shape Your Dreams: Students will sculpt their own three-dimensional landscapes from an imaginary world, using clay to form unique and fantastical features. This week encourages spatial thinking, creativity, and collaboration as students pair up to expand on each other's visions.

Week 4: Exploring Colour Theory

Paint with All the Colors: Dive into the vibrant world of colour theory! Students will learn about primary, secondary, and complementary colours to create evocative landscape scenes that reflect different times of day or seasons, enhancing their understanding of color mixing.

Week 5: Glazing Imaginary World Landscapes

Add Color to Your Creations: Building on their clay sculptures from Week 3, students will learn glazing techniques to add vibrant color to their 3D landscapes. This session combines the tactile pleasure of sculpture with the visual impact of colour.

Week 6: Advanced Perspective in Colourful Landscapes

Mastering Perspective with Pastels: The final week brings a new layer of complexity with two-point perspective, challenging students to create detailed landscapes that include buildings or bridges. Using pastels, they'll bring their colorful landscapes to life, applying all the skills they've developed over the course

Join Us for a Summer of Artistic Discovery! Our course is designed not just to teach art, but to inspire a lifelong love of creativity and expression. With small class sizes, personalised attention, and a curriculum that blends technical skill with imaginative freedom, your child will not only learn about art—they'll live it. Sign up today and watch your child's creativity soar!

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