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Pottery Studio

Step into the heart of creativity at our vibrant Potting Studio, nestled on the 1st floor of the bustling Pictura Studios! A space where clay meets imagination, we offer an exhilarating range of classes, courses, events, and potting wheel experiences tailored for every skill level, from eager beginners to seasoned pottery enthusiasts.

Under the expert guidance of our two pottery teachers, who bring a treasure trove of experience and passion for the craft, you're not just learning; you're embarking on a journey of artistic discovery. Our studio, bathed in the warm embrace of natural light streaming through a large bay window, is designed to inspire. It's a serene haven where the only noise is the whir of potting wheels and the shared laughter of fellow creators.

Speaking of potting wheels, we have four state-of-the-art wheels ready for your hands to shape the future. Whether you're moulding your first pot or refining your signature style, these wheels are the gateway to your pottery dreams.

We understand and deeply regret that our studio's location on the 1st floor of Pictura Studios currently does not offer wheelchair access. It's a challenge we are earnestly looking to address because we believe creativity knows no bounds and everyone deserves a chance to express it.

Join us at our Potting Studio, where every piece of clay holds the potential for greatness, every spin of the wheel brings joy, and every creation tells a story. Let's mould those untold stories together, in a space where friendship, community, and creativity thrive under the soothing glow of natural light. Don't miss out on this unique experience where you can leave a bit of your soul in the art you create. Your journey into the world of pottery starts here, with us. Let's make magic happen!

Wheel Experience

Why not try a taster session on the wheel!

Full Day Masterclass

8 Week Wheel throwing courses

For beginners

Courses for beginners

Unlock the art of pottery with our "Introduction to Wheel Throwing" course, designed for beginners who are eager to dive into the world of ceramic art. Over the span of eight weeks, participants will be guided through the fundamental techniques of using a pottery wheel, from clay preparation to creating finished pieces. Absolutely o experience necessary!

Upcoming beginners courses

Intermediate Course

Intermediate level

Elevate your pottery skills to the next level with our "Intermediate Wheel Throwing Techniques" course, designed for those who have mastered the basics and are ready to explore more complex and artistic forms. Over eight weeks, you will refine your techniques, experiment with new forms, and start to develop your unique style.

Upcoming Intermediate courses

Advanced Wheel Throwing

Advanced Level

Upcoming Advanced courses

Elevate your pottery skills to an artistic level with our "Advanced Wheel Throwing and Design" course, crafted for experienced potters who are ready to push the boundaries of their creativity and technique. This eight-week course offers a deep dive into complex forms, sophisticated finishing techniques, and personal style development in the art of wheel-thrown pottery.

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