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Children's Art Courses

Welcome to Pictura Studios - Where Young Creativity Flourishes!

At Pictura Studios, we believe in nurturing the creative spirit in children of all ages. Our studio is a vibrant community where young artists can explore, learn, and grow their artistic skills under the guidance of a qualified PGCE art teacher. With a diverse range of courses covering all aspects of fine art and ceramics, we offer an enriching environment for every child to find their artistic voice.

Our Courses

Our art courses are structured into 6-week blocks, carefully designed to cater to different age groups:


Special Programs

  • Home Education Courses: We provide specialised art courses for home-educated students, offering a flexible and comprehensive art education that complements their learning journey.

  • Arts Award by Trinity College: Pictura Studios proudly offers the Arts Award, an accredited range of qualifications that recognize and celebrate children's achievements in the arts. These awards are a fantastic way for students to gain official national qualifications that support their artistic development and academic progress.

Why Choose Pictura Studios?

  • Expert Guidance: All classes are led by a qualified PGCE art teacher, ensuring professional and supportive instruction tailored to each child's individual needs.

  • Creative Curriculum: Our courses are rich in variety, covering multiple disciplines within fine art and ceramics to inspire and challenge our students.

  • Inclusive Environment: We welcome children of all abilities and backgrounds, fostering a supportive community where every young artist can thrive.

  • Pathway to Recognition: Through the Arts Award, students have the unique opportunity to achieve nationally recognized qualifications, celebrating their dedication and hard work in the arts.

Join the Pictura Studios family and embark on a creative adventure that will inspire, educate, and empower your child. Enroll your young artist today and watch as they unfold their creative potential, one masterpiece at a time.

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