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childrens Arty Parties


2 hour Arty Parties!


From 1yr - 16yrs! Customise to suit your child!


Saturdays 1pm, 3:30pm

Sundays 11am or 2:30pm


£280 for 10 guests.

£14pp for additional

Party Size:

Minimum 10 guests

Maximum 28 guests


10 - 15 guests: Party room 1

15 - 28 guests: Party room 2 

10-30 guests

At Pictura, we specialise in fantastically fun Arty Parties that are guaranteed to keep your children engaged, excited, and, yes, a little noisy! 🎉

Step into our incredible party space, where creativity knows no limits. We've designed an environment that sparks imagination and encourages artistic exploration. But that's not all – we've taken the hassle out of party planning by offering out-of-this-world party packages that will make your celebration truly unforgettable.

Whether it's slime-making, canvas painting, pottery decorating, or any of our other exciting activities, we've got something to suit every child's taste and age group. Our aim is to ensure your child's special day is filled with laughter, colour, and endless creativity. We have structured our parties so that every child's party is unique. First, choose your main activity, then select your theme and let us do the rest!

So, why wait? Come on in and discover the magic of Pictura Studios. Explore our amazing party space and choose from our array of party packages that promise to turn every celebration into an artistic adventure. Let's create unforgettable memories together! 🎨🎈

Package prices are based on 10 children. All packages include:
🤩2 hours of party time

🤩Artistic event tutor

🤩Decorated private function area
🤩Games and treats
🤩All materials required for the party activity
🤩Tea / coffee for birthday boy/girl parents
🤩Choice of music!


You are also welcome to bring party food, a cake for candle celebrations too!


1. Pick your Art Activity



2. Choose a theme for the art activity

NOTE: This is not for decorations just the activity only where applicable

Image by Madison Oren

3. Complete booking with 25% deposit

Balance to be paid 14 days before party

canvas painting arty party_1642107973.webp

4. Confirm numbers and pay balance 14 days before

Balance to be paid 14 days before party

Party Activities

  • 3D Craft Painting Arty Party
    3D Craft Painting Arty Party
    Recommended Age 3-16yrs Are you searching for a creative and unique way to celebrate your child's special day? Look no further! Our 3D Craft Painting Arty Party is designed to ignite the imaginations of kids ages 3 to 16 years old.
  • Potters Arty Party
    Potters Arty Party
    Recommended Age 10-16yrs Unleash Your Inner Potter at Our Pottery Arty Party! 🌟 Calling all young artists aged 10-16 years old! Are you ready for a hands-on, clay-filled adventure? Our Pottery Arty Party is here to ignite your creativity and let your imagination soar!
  • Messy Play Arty Party
    Messy Play Arty Party
    Recommended age 0-4yrs
  • Slime Arty Party
    Slime Arty Party
    Recommended Age 6-16yrs


Choose Your Party Theme for Endless Fun and Creativity!

At Pictura Studios, we understand that every child is unique, and their imagination knows no bounds. That's why we offer a world of possibilities when it comes to choosing a theme for your Fun Arty Party. Our aim is to make your child's celebration as special and memorable as they are.


Themes are for the artwork for the party.  Some decorations may be included if possible :)


Why Choose a Theme?

  • Inspiration: A theme can be a fantastic source of inspiration for your party. It sets the stage for creative activities, decorations, and even costumes, ensuring that every aspect of the celebration is infused with fun and excitement.

  • Personalisation: Themes allow your child to express their interests and passions. Whether they adore superheroes, dream of underwater adventures, or have a favourite film or character, a themed party lets them celebrate in a way that resonates with their unique personality.

Flexibility and Creativity:

Remember, these themes are just starting points. We're incredibly flexible and open to customizing your party to suit your child's preferences and interests. Whether you want to blend themes, add a unique twist, or create something entirely new, we're here to make it happen.

Let's work together to choose the perfect theme for your Fun Arty Party, ensuring that your child's celebration is a masterpiece of creativity and joy. Contact us today, and let the artistic adventure begin! 🎨🎈

Picture1m kl.png

Favourite TV shows

If your child has a beloved film, TV show, or character, why not make it the star of the party? From princesses to pirates, the options are endless.

Copy of Untitled (Logo) (3).png

Under the Sea

Dive into an ocean of creativity with an Under the Sea theme. Explore marine life, create colorful sea creatures, and embark on a deep-sea adventure.



Enter a world of enchantment and wonder with a Magical theme. From wizards to fairies, magical creatures, and spells, let your child's imagination run wild.


Famous Artists

Celebrate the world of art with a Famous Artists theme. Learn about iconic painters and create art inspired by their masterpieces.



Unleash your inner hero! Whether it's Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, or your very own superhero creation, this theme lets kids become the champions of their own artistic adventures.



 Join Bluey and her family for a fun-filled adventure. If your child is a fan of this popular animated series, a Bluey-themed party is the way to go!



Bring the animal kingdom to life with an Animal-themed party. From adorable pets to wild creatures, this theme is a favorite among animal lovers.


Space and Galaxy

Space and Galaxy: Embark on an interstellar adventure beyond the stars. Explore the cosmos with celestial paintings, astronaut masks, and alien sculptures that transport you to the far reaches of the universe.

download your e-invite here :)

Pictura Studio's birthday party booking Terms & Conditions


1. Please note that party booking fees are non refundable within 30 days of the party date. Should you need to cancel the birthday party booking after the final 30 days you will lose your booking fee which is non refundable.  All cancellations must be notified 30 days prior to your party booking date; you can cancel or reschedule the date.  this cancellation will incur a 50% cancellation fee of the booking fee paid. In the event that this is not possible to change your booking date (due to other dates being fully booked already) then you will have been deemed to have cancelled the booking and will lose your fee.


2. A birthday party booking fee amount is 25% of your total party price, depending on the party package booked (see for package details). This will be requested via invoice sent to your email address provided at the time of booking. By paying this you are accepting all party booking Terms and Conditions. If the booking fee is not paid upon receipt of invoice then the date may be given to another booking.

3. Should you need to move your party booking then there is currently no administration fee. The balance of your party booking must be paid 2 weeks prior to the date of your party.

4. The party organiser should inform Pictura Studios of any relevant allergies at least 2 weeks before the party date.

5. It is the responsibility of the party organiser to provide all food, cake, and cutlery and party bags. Catering is not included in the party price unless booking the party food option.

6. The party organiser can decorate and personalise the party area 1 hour before the party takes place if they wish to do so.

7. Please note that the staff from the Pictura Studios will provide full party entertainment, however the children remain the responsibility of the nominated adults that stay at the party.

8. We have limited seating for guest parents in the party room. It is advisable that parents drop their children off for the party and collect at the end.

9. If you order party food, you accpet that we cannot cater for individual diety requirements.

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