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Holiday Art workshops 

Discover the Magic of Art at Pictura's Holiday Workshops for Kids!

Welcome to Pictura's Children's Holiday Workshops—where art, education, and fun come together to create unforgettable holiday experiences for your child.

At Pictura, we believe in nurturing creativity and imagination in young minds. That's why, every school holiday, we open our doors to a world of artistic exploration and fun with our exclusive Children's Holiday Workshops. Set in the vibrant and inspiring environment of Pictura's first floor, these workshops are a haven of creativity, safety, and learning.

A Day of Artistic Adventure Awaits!

Designed for children of various ages, our workshops offer an array of art activities that cater to every young artist's interests. From painting and sculpting to drawing and crafting, your child will embark on a creative journey that inspires their imagination and builds their artistic skills.

Safety and Supervision: Our Top Priorities

We understand the importance of a safe and nurturing environment for children. Pictura is committed to providing a secure setting where parents can feel confident leaving their children in our care. Our workshops are drop-off only, ensuring a focused and immersive experience for every participant.

Bring Your Creativity, We'll Take Care of the Rest

Our holiday workshops are hassle-free for parents and a blast for kids! All that's required is a packed lunch for your child, and we'll provide all the necessary materials for their art projects. Our aim is for each child to express their creativity freely, without any barriers.

Expert Guidance by Qualified Teacher

At the heart of our workshops is a qualified teacher, fully trained to provide an engaging and educational art experience. With a passion for art and a love for teaching, our instructors ensure that every child feels supported, inspired, and excited to explore their artistic potential.

Join Us for a Holiday Filled with Creativity and Fun!

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to enrich your child's holiday with the joy of art. Our workshops not only offer a fun and engaging way to spend the school break but also foster creativity, confidence, and a deeper appreciation for the arts. Secure your child's spot today and let the artistic adventure begin!

Easter Holiday Workshops

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